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Each corporate and incentive event, team-building activity, gala dinner, or other accompanying program is unique. Photos serve as a mere list of successful events. Experiences & References speak for themselves. 


"Working with Ivana is always great. She is able to sense our needs, preferences and travel ideas. Everything is always laid out in detail. I can only recommend."                                                       - Věra (owner of a transport company)

"We have been working with Metred as a company for two years on the recommendation of an acquaintance for whom Iva has done events in the past. I am happy for this experience and I will look forward to what else we will come up with in the future."                                                      - Petr (CMO of the hotel company)

"I know Ivana from the past, when she worked for another company, her own agency speaks highly of her, and we are happy that we can work with a person who has experience and it can be seen that he enjoys his work."                                                             - Miloš (event representative) agencies)

"Do you want to see gorillas in the wild, then have lunch in a luxury hotel and attend a company training session?      All this is possible with Ivana.                                                      PS: Thanks for taking care while traveling.                                                                                  - Nora (COO of dental office)